Nebulization for greenhouses and mushroom culture

Nebulization for greenhouses Euro Cooling's fog systems are becoming standard equipment in the greenhouses sector. Our systems are used with the enormous advantage to create the ideal microclimate inside greenhouses of any size. With the evaporation of the nebulization, the greenhouse will be cooled in summer by humidifying the environment at the same time, while in winter the system restores the right humidity value avoiding dehydration of the crops produced by heating systems.

Nebulization for greenhouses The development of products for crop treatments has led to all pesticide solutions and fertilizers into water-soluble solutions that, thanks to our system, can be simply and homogeneously distributed in the greenhouse with a saturation to 100% so they can treat crops spaces at each point, without the need for labor and with exceptional results. An Euro Cooling fogging system properly designed and implemented leads to a significant increase in productivity of your greenhouse.