Industrial nebulization

Industrial nebulization Refreshing an industrial building, a factory or tensile structures of large dimensions was, until a few years ago, impossible, due to the huge volumes of the environments to be treated, the need to have open doors for loading and unloading of goods and the costs of facilities added to those for management for a possible air conditioning system. With the nebulization we offered to different companies a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and efficient solution to refresh industrial areas and laboratories, giving comfort to operators and improving their performance.
Production location, steel structures, industrial buildings, garden centers, workshops, garages, sorting platforms, industrial laundries, are some of the target types of our systems, because of the modular design the interested areas can be refreshed without cooling the whole establishment or having to keep doors and windows closed.
Industrial nebulization Usually nebulization and ventilation systems are combined to refresh the largest area possible without releasing many water quantities and vary the internal humidity percentage. For the proper functioning a sufficient air exchange required, it could be given by open doors and windows or, if necessary, by installing some air extractors. The more is the air change, the greater cooling can be achieved.
The cost of these solutions are insignificant and they can be considered those related to the management, especially when compared to an air conditioning system.
Whereas that a misting system is not an air conditioning system but a well-designed system which can reduce the temperature of 6-8°C with a cooling perceived at the epidermal level. The legislation for the working conditions (Act 626 Art.33), workers' protests, strikes and accidents due to thermal stress, have led many smaller and larger companies to adopt our system to improve working conditions and productivity of their employees.